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Advancing Community Through Entertainment

We believe in the power of community and through our customers: our community is provided with a safe, affordable, and friendly place of entertainment. 


At Fort Cinema we are dedicated to your safety.  Everything is sanitized after every show.

We are excited to announce that new releases are back in your theater!

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The Croods: A New Age

Runtime: 1Hr 35Min

Release Date:  Nov 25 2020

Showtimes 12.1: 4:20 6:40

Rated PG


The Santa Clause

Runtime: 1Hr 34Min

Release Date: Nov 11 1994

Showtimes 12-1: 4:00 6:30 

Rated PG



Runitime: 1Hr 41Min

Release Date: Nov 13 2020

Showtimes 12-1: 4:05 6:35 

Rated R


Box Office 620-223-3366

Showtimes 620-223-0033

224 W. 18th Fort Scott KS 66701
Open 30 minutes before start of first show

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